Cancer Survivors Reclaim Their Lives & Connect With Others Through Outdoor Adventures

After years of dealing with the unknown and going through arduous treatment, these young cancer survivors are now healthy and thriving.

They are now reclaiming their lives and connecting with others through organizations like First Descents, where they enjoy outdoor adventures such as mountain climbing.

According to their website, First Descents “improves the long-term survivorship of young adults (ages 18 – 39) impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions through outdoor adventures, skills development, and local adventure communities.”

“Our participants experience free outdoor adventure programs that empower them to climb, paddle, and surf beyond their diagnosis, reclaim their lives, and connect with others doing the same,” they wrote.

One group has enjoyed climbing together in the Red Cliffs of Moab, Utah while connecting with each other over their experiences.

“I think any good adventure is life-changing,” Brad Ludden, founder of First Descents told GMA. “I think it’s especially poignant for a young adult with cancer because their diagnosis has really upset their course of life.”

Brad Ludden, a professional kayaker, started the group 20 years ago after taking his young aunt, who was then diagnosed with cancer, on kayaking trips to keep her spirits up.

“I saw a lot of freedom, a lot of confidence being built and a light went off and I thought man if this is working for her it could probably work for a lot of other people too,” he said.

And it definitely has. The organization has helped so many people over they years, and all of their participants are thankful to have something like this where they can meet new people and truly experience life.

Hear more about this incredible organization in the video below:

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