Cancer Survivor Turns His CT Scans Into Powerful Music Video

Going through cancer is not something anyone should have to deal with, but it’s a reality for so many people.

Some people do their best to make the most of it, and that includes a musician named Justin Wright.

Photo: YouTube/Justin Wright

Wright is a composer, cellist, and recent cancer survivor from Montreal, Québec.

He recently shared a music video he made, but it wasn’t a normal music video. Instead, he created it entirely using CT scan slices of his body during the diagnostic process he went through with cancer.

Photo: YouTube/Justin Wright

The music video was made for his new track, Hellbrunn Automatons, and flashed through different images of his body that went to the music.

In the video’s description, he explained, “While the images initially served a clinical role in letting doctors determine where his cancer had spread, they have now been sequenced into frames in an animation to produce beautiful abstract bursts.”

Photo: YouTube/Justin Wright

Wright added that he got the idea for the video while going through daily five-hour chemo infusions. He said:

“I was really determined to make something beautiful out of this whole ordeal, and when I played around with my scans on medical imaging software, I knew immediately that this was how. These images – detailed, thorough, and repetitive – were the perfect representation of one of [the] strongest feelings I had throughout my treatment: the relinquishment of my body to the multitude of experts examining every inch of it, a slightly morbid ego-death where I nearly stopped seeing my body as my own.”

Photo: YouTube/Justin Wright

He went on to say, “We lit the 3D models like museum displays, and I used an AI colorizer to color each of the 2D frames however it wanted. The track, Hellbrunn Automatons, was written long before my diagnosis, but its repetition and optimism as it falls apart ended up pairing perfectly with the visuals.”

You can watch the powerful music video for yourself below:

Thankfully, Wright beat cancer and is now continuing to live his life to the fullest!

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