You’ll Be Shocked by the Person Who’s Behind This College Graduate’s Canceled Job Applications

As soon as you receive your college diploma, your life has already taken a new path. You’ll be encountering opportunities that you’ll either gain or miss. You will look forward to many things, such as your first job, salary, career accomplishments, and personal development. Expect countless changes to happen, as it will help you build yourself into the person you are meant to be. That’s why this part of your life is exciting and terrifying at the same time. The future is truly unpredictable, but you’ll figure it out as things start to fall into place. It will be less scary when you’re surrounded by supportive people, especially your family.

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However, someone from your family can sometimes be a hindering factor. They’ll do everything to stray you away from the future you anticipate. A woman from Reddit had this trouble because her son’s career was heavily impacted by his father. She shared the story on a Reddit post which gained 37.3k upvotes and 6.6k comments. ThrowRA00924463’s son is a fresh college graduate who moved back to their house as per her husband’s request. Their son, Aiden, will live under their roof for free, but the father has a hidden agenda.

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“My husband’s original plan was to have Aiden live with us for free but stay home and help with his disabled younger brother (16). Aiden started complaining about needing money and wanted to find a job. My husband was against this and even offered to double his allowance, but Aiden was growing tired of staying at home,” OP wrote. Aiden started sending out job applications, and it went on for a year. No company would respond — everything he sent was a missed opportunity. OP and her son wondered how all job applications were canceled. Sadly, it was the father all along — he was the mastermind behind all the mishaps.

“He’d wait til Aiden applied, then he’d proceed to cancel the application by impersonating him and using his email. I blew up at him for this, but his justification is that he’s just trying to make sure that our younger son is cared for by Aiden and said that Aiden has been a big help and his getting a job will affect his care for his brother,” ThrowRA00924463 explained.

It was utterly frustrating since the failed applications heavily impacted his son’s career. The father even mentioned that it would be selfish of Aiden to leave them for a job and not attend to his brother’s needs. It did not only affect Aiden’s future but also their relationship as father and son.

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OP made her move and decided to transfer Aiden to a rental apartment. She would cover the expenses until he gets hired for work. “My husband was livid when he found out. He called me unhinged and said that I was separating the boys and teaching Aiden to become selfish and care more about a job than family. He also said it was a huge decision for me to rent an apartment without even running it with him,” she shared. Besides that, the husband insisted they needed Aiden at home because they already had health issues. OP suggested asking for outside help, but her husband refused and still blamed Aiden for everything.

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Redditors were livid at the sudden turn of events. The world is already harsh to fresh college graduates, especially when you are not privileged enough to pursue your dream job. But it’s more painful to know that your parents, specifically your father, are against your dreams. “NTA. Your husband is abusive to Aiden and, honestly, creepy in his manipulations and insistence on Aiden being Dobby the house elf,” SlinkyMalinky20 commented. Aiden indeed deserves to be free and set his path on his own. Also, having a career won’t hinder him from helping his brother from time to time. He can still visit his family home whenever he can.

“NTA. A 23-year-old cannot exist on ‘allowance,’ and he’s not a defacto caretaker. Your husband seems unhinged. You did the right thing for your son,” Spare-Article-396 wrote.

The father was inconsiderate, and if he didn’t realize his faults, Aiden might never return again. Thankfully, he has a mother who never backs down and does not tolerate such behavior, even if it is coming from her husband. People in the comment section praised OP for taking action and not allowing Aiden’s future to be destroyed. Others could not stop commenting lengthy opinions, and lots of points were made. The comment section is so engaging you’ll find yourself writing your thoughts as well.

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