California Wolfpack Welcomes The Largest Litter Of Puppies In Over A Century

Many times, when we hear about animal species that are going extinct, the news is grim.

It’s nice to hear some positive news every once in a while, and that is exactly what is being provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

According to the CDFW, a new corner was turned in the state when the largest wolf litter in over a century was born. All in all, there were eight pups, and it seems as if they are doing well.

There are three different wolf packs in the state of California, which is incredible considering the fact that they disappeared from the state over a century ago. The species was hunted almost to extinction and although they were not reintroduced to the state, they did start coming in from Oregon in 2011.

Photo: Flickr/Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife License: CC BY-SA 2.0

The three wolf packs include the Lassen pack, the Beckwourth pack, and the Whaleback pack. It was the Whaleback wolf pack that welcomed some new pups last spring, but the CDFW has just now confirmed it.

According to The Guardian, a biologist who works as a senior wolf advocate, Amaroq Weiss, said this is a great sign of the health of the wolves. She said that the typical litter is only five or six pups, so having a litter of 8 pups is incredible.

Photo: Flickr/peupleloup License: CC BY-SA 2.0

She also said that it’s fantastic that the wolves are still entering the state and using the landscape and producing offspring. It’s nice to hear something positive in this way.

The Lassen pack also produced offspring every year since the pack was first confirmed in 2017. They don’t know much about the Beckwourth pack but they did report seeing some smaller tracks a few months ago, so there may be a pup in that area as well.

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