Chaos Between Girlfriend and Ex-Wife for Having Too Many Cakes at Ex-Husband’s Birthday Party

How everyone loves cakes!

From the decadent Devil’s Food Cake and yummy Red Velvet Cake to the tempting Charlotte Russe of France, Japan’s souffle cheesecake, and Donauwelle, which is a snowy sheet cake of German and Austrian origin. Of course, these are just a few of the hundreds of delicious cakes to enjoy around the world!

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But why would two women fight over a cake? That’s very puzzling. And to think, one of them is accused of ruining a birthday party for having too many cakes!

Yet, the fact is there were just 2 cakes for it to be labeled as “too many!” Honestly, no one has ever heard of anyone complaining about having too many cakes on an occasion, especially a birthday celebration!

Nonetheless, silly as it was, it did happen, as Original Poster related on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum. With the username u/amateur_baker_, OP explained about the incident, “I’m an amateur baker, and I like to make cakes for people for their birthdays. My ex doesn’t like sweet stuff, but our kids like helping me make a cake for him, so I normally make one for him anyway, for their sake. This year, his girlfriend planned a party for him, and she told me she had already ordered him a cake, so I didn’t need to make one. I told her that was fine, but my daughter kept asking me when we would make her dad’s cake and was upset when I said we wouldn’t because she assumed I didn’t like my ex and that’s why I wouldn’t make him one.”

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However, OP could not bear seeing her kids unhappy. Besides, she reasoned out, it was more for her kids’ joy that she has been making cakes for their dad’s birthday as part of the youngsters’ gift for him. And so, with her kids’ help, she baked a small cake, which she later informed her ex’s girlfriend they would bring to the party.

OP related what happened next: “I offered to come early and give it to him before the other guests arrived, and then they could put it away and nobody else would know about my cake, but she disagreed with me and repeatedly told me not to bring it. I did take it with me in the end, and now she keeps complaining to mutual friends that I did it on purpose to ruin the party and called me weird for making him a cake after I was told not to.”

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Did the AITA community think OP ruined her ex’s birthday party with just an extra, small cake?

Puzzled_Umpire2762 reacted with a positive note for OP: “Red flag 🚩 you were clear the cake was from the kids. The girlfriend is asserting her dominance. Any woman who says her boyfriend can’t have a cake from his kids needs to think long and hard about being with someone with kids. Freaking out over a small cake from the kids ‘ruining’ a party is ridiculous. She is very insecure. NTA.”

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Another comment from unotruejen: “Yeah, even if I thought OP was wrong, which I don’t, I can’t get past gf telling everyone that an extra cake from a child ruined the party.”

Meanwhile, sweetalkersweetalker was quite candid with her words: “If the presence of extra cake ruins your party, your party probably sucks.”

Meanwhile, NotRoryWilliams honestly stated the real cause of the conflict: “That just tells us that it wasn’t about the dad’s birthday at all; it was about the girlfriend declaring possession. And mom messed that up by reminding everyone that dad has kids that aren’t the girlfriend’s kids.”

How childish can a person get? And just imagine what will happen once this childish person becomes the stepmom of OP’s kids!

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