The 2023 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts’ “Rescue Pets Edition” Wants You to Enter Your Shelter Pet

The iconic Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are back! This will be year 5 of the super-fun mascot recruitment event. To celebrate the milestone, Cadbury is inviting rescue-pet parents to enter their “kids” for the chance to be the star of this year’s Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial as well as a cash prize. In addition to that, winners can select a rescue/shelter of their choice to receive a check for $5,000.

Cadbury chocolate bar
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Cadbury Chocolates

Getting its start in the U.K., for nearly 200 years Cadbury has been creating some pretty yummy chocolate. Up until 5 or 6 years ago, a bunny was associated with their Easter campaigns. Then, in 2019, a wrinkly bulldog named Henri stepped into their previous mascot’s paw prints with a pair of fuzzy bunny ears and a fluffy cotton tail after the very first tryouts took place. Each year since pet parents have signed their pets up for the chance to wear those coveted ears and that adorable tail.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy on the part of the brand for gathering customer interest in their product.

easter dog
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Rescue Pets

If you’re wondering if the animals entered are limited to dogs or whether they have to be a certain breed or pedigreed, the answer is no. The first year of the event saw dogs, cats, lizards, a llama, a goat, a horse, and a rabbit enter the competition. Since then the diversity in animals has only grown. Among them are pigs, birds, a hedgehog, and a variety of rodents. As noted, rescue pet parents are encouraged to get in on the action by enrolling their furry/feathered/scaly BFFs.

easter dogs
Photo: Pixabay/mylife_with_dogs_and_hors

Cadbury Bunny Tryouts

So, the idea appeals to you and you’re entertaining the notion of entering your little Mimzy or Barney, or whatever their name may be. To get started, you’ll want to visit this Cadbury link. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by this:

“Is your pet a star waiting to be born? Now’s your chance to win the ultimate bragging rights: your pet in the CADBURY Bunny Commercial this Easter, $5,000, and a $5,000 donation to the shelter of your choice. And again this year, we’re letting America help decide the winner! Enter today for your chance to win.”

Photo: Pixabay/calm_lu

Directly below that paragraph you’ll find a tab to enter by providing your email address. From there, you’ll see instructions for signing your beloved Boo Boo up. But you don’t want to wait because the contest ends February 23. So you better get cracking and bust those bunny ears out and get your camera ready. Good luck to you all!

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