Adorable Bunnies Compete In Hopping Competition To Take Home The Trophy

It’s always good to have a hobby and sometimes, those hobbies may be a little unusual.

Of course, we all have our personal likes and dislikes but something that tends to find its way on our good sides in many cases is bunny rabbits.

Photo: YouTube/VICE

Regardless of whether you have rabbits as a hobby or not, you are likely to appreciate watching a hobby that features them in a most amazing way.

I’m not talking about having a hug fest with these adorable creatures, I’m talking about the energy that they have and how it can be used in a unique competition.

Photo: YouTube/VICE

Believe it or not, there are rabbit show jumping competitions and these are something that you need to see in your life. The bunny trainers take their animals out onto the field and showcase them running through an agility course that is unlike any other.

These rabbit show jumpers are competing for the grand prize, but they are also out there to enjoy themselves and have a good time. This unique sport has been around since the 1970s and it got its start in Sweden.

Photo: YouTube/VICE

According to Alikatt Rabbit Hopping & Agility, in 2001, the Rabbit Hopping Organization of America got its start and from that point forward, these events have also been taking place in the US as well.

According to VICE, one show that was quite popular was in Harrogate in Yorkshire, England. More than 10,000 people showed up that day to watch the winner, Cherie, put on quite a show. Of course, watching the other bunnies out on the floor was amazing as well.

Photo: YouTube/VICE

To compete successfully, the rabbits must navigate their way through all the fences and finish the course. If they finish without error and with a fast time, they can walk away with the grand prize.

These bunny rabbits are more than a pet, they are amazing animals that have something to offer. Why not watch the bunny jumping competition in the video below? You may just fall in love with this unique sport.

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