Sauvetage Animal Rescue Found and Helped a Family of Bunnies Trapped in a Storm Grate

Small animals usually have the hardest time adjusting to nearby civilized areas. They often find themselves stuck in pipes, between house walls, trash bins, and more. Due to their size, their situation is unnoticeable, especially in secluded places. But if you find one, it’s best to give them a hand or call for authorities or rescue teams, primarily when it’s a wild animal. The animal should be checked by a vet and be given treatments, especially if you’re unsure of how long they have been trapped. Also, they often acquire injuries and wounds while trying to escape a tight spot. Those animals need to be released back to the wild to ensure survival, and measures need to be taken to prevent them from returning to the area. Or it might be a missing pet gone for days — you’ll be doing the owner a huge favor by informing a rescue team about the location.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Sometimes the cutest of them all can be trapped in the most random places. A family of small bunnies was found inside a storm grate in Canada. Sauvetage Animal Rescue shared the whole operation with The Dodo — it was like taking out bunnies from a magic hat. The team removed the grill first to access the 6 to 7 feet deep underground. It was challenging to reach the small rabbits, as there is growing vegetation inside the storm grate. Someone had to cut the plants to be able to set foot on the ground and fully access the area. Since the bunnies are tiny and hidden between plants, they had to use a thermal camera to detect them.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“It was very tricky because we don’t want to hurt any of the bunnies. We had to cut some little trees,” Eric said. “The bunnies are, maybe the size of a fist. At this age, you have to be very gentle. They are pretty fragile,” he added. Bunny after bunny, they gingerly picked them up and transferred them in a carrier. The team did not want to stress them out because baby rabbits are vulnerable and stress might cause death. Aside from the hole, the Sauvetage Rescue Team also opened another grill that leads to the ventilation duct. Other bunnies were stuck inside, and one was a bit defensive but calmed down once it noticed it was already outside.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The rescue operation ended successfully, and they fed the family before transporting them to the shelter. They are now in a safer place instead of a storm grate they thought was a rabbit hole. The Sauvetage Rescue Team undoubtedly saved these little guys’ lives. You can learn more about their team by visiting their website. Watch how they saved those baby bunnies with extra care in the video below.

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