Blind And Deaf Dog Reacts To A Visit From His Favorite Person

Some dogs have difficulties from the moment they are born, but they continue to be heroes, despite their difficulties. That was the case with Bumper, who was born blind and deaf.

Even though the eight-week-old dog could not see or hear, he was about to get a break that many dogs could use. His human mom, Amy, knew from the moment she saw him that he was a special dog.

Photo: YouTube/Bumper The Luck Dragon

This was seen in an amazing way recently when Amy’s daughter, Faeron, paid a visit. Bumper wasn’t expecting her, but his reaction shows just how much he cares for her.

As you can see in the video below, when Faeron came into the room, Bumper was busy taking a rest. At first, he didn’t realize she was there but when she walked up to him, it took nothing for him to recognize her.

Photo: YouTube/Bumper The Luck Dragon

Amy wrote that the blind and deaf dog would typically smell somebody when they came into the house. He would instantly greet them at the door.

They aren’t sure why it took so long for Bumper to realize she was there, but his reaction speaks volumes.

When Bumper realizes his favorite human is in the room, he grabs his pillow and goes for her shoe. Amy tells us about this in the video’s description, saying that he usually finds a toy or another object to share when someone comes in the home. The next thing he does is to go get their shoes from the front door.

The game continues with Amy describing: “When we have a group of people visiting, he will play a matching game where he grabs a shoe from the door and carries it around until he finds the person who matches the scent.”

You can see more about Bumper and how he became a part of the family in this video:

In speaking with The Dodo, Amy said that Bumper does almost everything with the family. She said that they are an active family and didn’t know what he would be able to do at first. These days, he loves hiking, swimming, going for runs, riding in a kayak, and canoeing.

It sounds like a great life to me! You can see more of Bumper on Instagram, @bumper.theluckdragon.

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