Stray Dog Wanders The Streets With Deadly Mass On Her Belly Until Someone Finally Cares

Life can be difficult when you’re living on the streets. As a stray dog, you have to worry about where your next meal is coming from and there is nobody to take care of your needs.

Such was the case with a small stray dog that was wandering the streets for two years. People would see her at times, but eventually, someone with a kind heart decided to step in and help.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

It was just in time, too, because this small stray had been wandering the streets with a large mass under her belly. After the kind person saw her on the street, they contacted DAR Animal Rescue in Greece.

Ermioni Giannakou, who works for the rescue, took to YouTube and spoke about how someone had posted a picture of the dog on the internet. That alerted her to the problem.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

After Ermioni saw the picture of the dog, she drove to the village right away. She saw the dog and named her Bumble. Admittedly, she didn’t know much about the dog’s past but she was a stray in the village and people said she had the mass under her belly for about two years. She was a female and not neutered.

When the rescuer actually saw how big the mass under her belly was, she was shocked. Bumble was not ready to trust humans as of yet, but with a few hours of calming talk and help, she was ready to trust.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Shortly after being rescued, she was at the veterinarian getting checked. They diagnosed the mass as a hernia and if it wouldn’t have been taken care of, it could’ve torn. That would’ve been a fatal problem.

It took surgery for Bumble, but they were successful and now she has a flat belly. She was then released from the vet and already had a family waiting to take her in.

Bumble is now living the good life, running around in a big yard with a family that loves her and a doggy friend.

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