Man Blown Away When Scam “Bully Puppy” Turns Out to Be a Hyena

A TikToker going by the user name @infared_savage recently posted about an unusual experience he had while trying to buy a bully-breed puppy online. For starters, it would be really great if people would head to rescues or shelters before buying a bully.

In case you’ve never been to one or even scoped them out online, most of the dogs at most of the animal shelters across the nation are, in fact, bully breeds ranging from pups to senior dogs. All of them would be grateful for a good home.

But that’s not necessarily germane to the story. In this particular case, @infared_savage regaled viewers with the details of what surely sounds like an attempted scam on the part of the alleged “breeder” and his laughing cohorts. Since its posting, the video has gone viral with over 3.3 million views.

Photo: TikTok/@infared_savage

In a clip lasting 2 minutes and 29 seconds, the man explains how he was eager to buy a puppy after seeing an online ad from someone declaring themselves to be a “bully breeder” with pups for sale. The TikToker then explains how he immediately fell in love with photos of the “dog’s” parents and put down a security deposit.

When it was finally time to meet the pup, he noticed something odd about the animal and asked the seller, “Did you clip the ears or something? Are you sure that’s a dog? That s#*t looks like a wombat!”

The so-called breeder reportedly assured him it was, saying, “It’s a bully, man. I got the mom and dad out in the back.” The TikToker notes that he was shown both supposed parents and was impressed with their appearance, but that they bore no resemblance to the “puppy” he’d selected.

He then asked if he could come to see the animal, and the breeder told him it would be no problem, and that he had a collar on the dog the TikToker had picked out. It was at that point that he began to hear laughter in the background of the call. He asked the breeder what that was about but the question was glossed over and the laughter was immediately dismissed as “nothing” before telling him to come over.

Photo: TikTok/@infared_savage

He went on to explain that he inquired about the animal’s ears and whether or not they’d been clipped, to which he was told they had been. He then asked if the breeder was sure it was a dog, to which they replied that it was basically just a puppy phase that it would eventually outgrow before looking like its parents.

The rest of the story you need to see and hear for yourselves, as @infared_savage’s delivery is just too funny, but he does note in the video, “I didn’t know dogs had crack babies. This is exactly what a crack baby dog would look like.”

The video has received more than 13,000 comments, with the No. 1 being a very legitimate question posed by @Jth3third: How they get a hyena?!?!???

Watch the video below.


I just found out my bully is a hyena 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂

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