Make Yourself Laugh with the Cutest Video of a Bulldog Puppy Learning to Climb the Stairs!

A video of an adorable English bulldog puppy has gone viral on social media!

His name is Brutus, and he is just beginning to learn about his world. Of course, his home is his whole world at the moment, since he is still a bit too young for outdoor adventures.

But, this does not mean that adventures at home are not exciting! For puppies like Bru, even a staircase can appear quite intimidating.

Tiktok/Brutus the Bully

On this heartwarming video posted by TikTok user @brutustheenglishbully, Bru’s latest lesson to be prepared for the big world is — CLIMBING THE STAIRS! And it does have wide, seemingly big steps!

However, Bru feels he must keep the honor of their breed — show courage, even if his tiny legs want to go to jelly. The time has come to prove that he is an English Bulldog through and through — dignified, tenacious, and adorable!

Well, step by step, the bulldog puppy shows that he is succeeding! With a little help from his human family, Brutus admits. It is quite an enormous staircase for someone young like him, everybody must have seen.

Tiktok/Brutus the Bully

At last, he is able to reach the top! And it feels like he has reached the top of Mount Everest itself! Surely, there must be a delicious treat waiting for him, and he could also use a nap afterwards.

With more than 3 million views, you too will love this Tiktok video and its star!

“The little help and lifting him up legit made me cry of pure joy that was so cute 🥺😭,” gushed one commenter.

Photo: Tiktok/Brutus the Bully

“Go puppy go🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰” wrote another.

“That melted my heart what a sweetie! Reminds me of teaching my Westie how to get up the stairs 🥰” said another internet user.

Meanwhile, this person also gladly remarked, “Can definitely say, he took a good nap after all that hard work.”


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