Brave Mini Bulldog Takes A Leap Of Faith Right Into His Owner’s Arms

If you happen to have a dog in your life, you already realize just how amazing they can be.

Most dogs can do the typical tricks that we often chalk up to doggie behavior, but they can also, at times, take things a step further.

That certainly is the case when it comes to Reginald. This amazing little dog is more than just a companion, he is completely dedicated to his human.

In fact, people from around the world have fallen in love with Reginald because he is an Instagram star. If you look at his page, you will see plenty of pictures of him working out at the gym. He also dresses up in some amazing costumes that make him look just too adorable to ignore.

Reginald is also capable of doing some amazing tricks. One of those tricks is taking the leap of faith. He stands on top of something tall, waiting for his human dad to make a loop with his arms and then he jumps through.

Photo: Instagram/@reggie_the_mini_bulldog

This was recently shown in a video that was shared on social media. People have absolutely fallen in love with Reginald, and it is easy to see why.

The video clip may be short, but it is full of plenty of things to smile about. Reginald looks a little anxious at first but when his human holds his arms up, Reginald takes the leap. He may be nervous, but he absolutely trusts his human to catch him.

Photo: Instagram/@reggie_the_mini_bulldog

Then again, the leap was something out of a superhero movie. It was a beautiful jump, but the trip down is only part of the story. After being safely caught by his human, he is super proud and excited. He just can’t stop wiggling!

You can see it for yourself here:

Reggie sadly passed away from cancer in 2021. Rest in peace, sweet boy!

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