NFL Player Does Gender Reveal On Live Television After Scoring His First Touchdown Of The Season

Gender reveals are becoming less popular as experts and families find them possibly problematic for a host of reasons, but sometimes they’re still done and it manages to make people smile.

Generally, gender reveals are over the top, costly, force newborns to subscribe to gender norms, and place unfair importance on gender. But some people participate in them innocently enough and the result ends up being so sweet.

Photo: Unsplash/Anastasiia Chepinska

Take Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver, Isaiah McKenzie, for example. As the NFL kicked of its 2022 season, McKenzie took the opportunity to reveal the gender of his sister’s baby and he did it in the best way!

Right after scoring a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams, McKenzie looked at the live camera and yellow, “It’s a boy!!”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While fans watching at home may not have understood the comment, McKenzie’s family knew exactly what it meant and they were over the moon!

Buffalo Bills shared a video of the touching moment on TikTok with the caption, “Football and family.”

Photo: TikTok/@buffalobills

In the video, you can see McKenzie’s family reacting to his game and his comment and they’re so excited!

Check out the video below:

@buffalobills Football and family. 🥹 #nflkickoff #genderreveal #billsmafia ♬ original sound – Buffalo Bills

Did you watch that game on TV? What do you think of the announcement? Let us know!

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