Buffalo Bills Gift Super Bowl Tickets To Man Who Broke Into School To Save Lives

Around Christmas of 2022, a historic blizzard devastated parts of New York. Areas like Buffalo were hit particularly hard and many people were unprepared for the storm.

Citizens stepped up, like a barber who opened his shop to the public and McDonald’s employees who opened the restaurant as a shelter.

Photo: Twitter/BuffaloBills

Among the citizens who became life-saving heroes was 27-year-old Jay Withey.

According to FOX 6, Withey was trying to drive to help someone who was stuck in the snow when he became stuck himself – and he wasn’t alone. He noticed other strangers trapped around him in cars and he knew they risked freezing to death or dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Photo: Twitter/BuffaloBills

Staying outside simply wasn’t an option so Withey led everyone to a school and broke the window to get inside. He saved over a dozen lives that night and was hailed a hero.

To show their appreciation, the Buffalo Bills offered Withey tickets to the Super Bowl! They shared the news on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter/BuffaloBills

Withey was incredibly honored and surprised by the gift.

You can see Withey being presented with the tickets in the touching video below:

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