Brussels Griffon’s Bark Sounds Like A Chicken Clucking

An adorable Brussels Griffon named Waffles is going viral, but not for her grumpy look. The bearded lady, as her parents affectionately describe her, is shocking viewers with her unique bark.

Her bark sounds just like a chicken and people cannot get enough of it. “Waffles is back with the Bok Boks,” shared her owner.

@welcometowaffles Waffles is back with the Bok Boks🐔🧇🐶 #grumpygriffons #fyp ♬ original sound – Waffles 🧇🐶🥰

Viewers couldn’t resist commenting. One wrote, “Why is your Cadbury Bunny so grouchy?” Another added, “It’s Chewy from Star Wars.”

It is impossible to watch the video just once as one person said, “I’ve watched this more times than I care to admit and have laughed hysterically every single time.”

While there are several videos posted on her TikTok page showing off her rare vocals, a recent one referred to her as “a grumpy lake chicken” as she stood on the dock and barked (or clucked).

@welcometowaffles A rare sighting of a grumpy lake chicken in it’s natural habitat. #brusselsgriffon #dogsoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Waffles 🧇🐶🥰

Apparently, she is a fan of the lake but afraid of people swimming in the lake. Waffles has a larger-than-life personality that keeps her family and all her fans entertained.

When she is not making people laugh with her unusual bark, she likes to show off how fast she can run by doing zoomies in the yard. Check it out below.

@welcometowaffles Reply to @babyfoxgirl_115 ♬ original sound – Waffles 🧇🐶🥰

Brussels Griffons are known for their grumpy faces and tough-dog attitudes and Waffles is no different. Be sure to follow her on TikTok for more hilarious videos.

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