This Guy Dedicated His First Paycheck to His Little Brother and Surprised Him with a Pair of Sneakers

Getting hired for a job is undoubtedly memorable, especially when it’s your first job, dream position, or a new company. No matter how many years have passed, you still remember the thrill you felt the night before your first day. You can’t wait to start a journey that will bring you lots of lessons, experiences, and genuine friends. New employees have many things to anticipate, and one of those is their first paycheck. You reap what you sow — it’s the first sign that you have already survived the first two weeks or month.

Photo: Pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko

Your first paycheck is a milestone that later on becomes a core memory. It’s a special moment mainly when you already have a plan on how to spend the money. Most people would purchase an item they have been eyeing for a long time, and others use the money to start a fund for their savings account. Taking yourself out for dinner is also a lovely way to celebrate your first paycheck. You could also bring friends and family with you. There are no rules on how to really spend your fruits of labor, but it’s essential to manage it well.

Photo: Instagram/Good News Movement

For many people, especially those whose love language is gift giving, their paycheck is allocated for their family. Making them happy is a priority, like a guy featured in a post from the Good News Movement Instagram page. You’ll definitely shed a tear after watching the heartwarming surprise he planned for his little brother. According to the caption, “Using proceeds from the first paycheck from his first job ever, this brother gifts his younger sibling brand new socks & sneakers. An emotional surprise.” It was indeed heartwarming, especially when the younger brother jumped out of bed to hug his older brother.

The surprise was well executed because the brother woke up with new sneakers and socks from a well-known brand. It was like he had just woken up from a dream, but reality turned out to be better. The little brother might have been a soccer fan, making the shoes much more special for him. You can feel the happiness radiating from the video. So many viewers were touched by the moment that the post received 2.5 million views, 283k likes, and 3k comments. People showered the comment section with praises for the siblings and even mentioned that the two boys were well-raised by their parents. You can’t deny that it’s true after witnessing the moment, and it’s definitely good news for your timeline.

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