You Won’t Get Buried with Your Wife: Son Blackmails Dad for Bigger Inheritance

When it comes to money, there is no such thing as a family for some people.

Horrid this story may be, but it is not as uncommon as we think. This is the story of an aging father whom one of his sons wants to defraud after trusting him with one of the most important things in his life.

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The heartbreaking account was related by u/Efficient_Pear231 on Reddit’s r/legaladvice forum, who wrote on the post, “My father trusted my brother and the burial plots for my mother and him are in my brother’s name. My mother died 16 years ago and is buried. My brother is now blackmailing my 85-year-old father stating unless the will is changed to give him a larger share he won’t allow my father to be buried with my mother. (I have this voice-recorded). And this is just a promise, no deed would be exchanged so the blackmail could continue. The cemetery said my brother controls my mother’s grave so moving would require my brother’s permission.”

OP further added, “Separately but in parallel my brother is trying to get my father to go into either my brother’s wife nursing home (where she works) or for her to be his caretaker to take total control of his assets. What are our (other siblings) choices? I would think this is elder abuse.”

Photo: YouTube/uhuru08

Of course, many people felt sympathy for the elderly father. What kind of son would deprive his own parent of his last wish to be buried with his wife? The law does not tolerate this kind of moral crookedness.

The advice given by the community to OP:

From folksylawyer: “One assumption here is that your father doesn’t have the right to move your mother’s remains because your brother owns the burial plot. I would check with a lawyer about that. It’s one thing to say that your father can’t take the burial plot away from your brother, but another thing to say that your father doesn’t have the right to have your mother’s remains moved.”

Photo: YouTube/uhuru08

From permabanned007: “Call Adult Protective Services immediately. This is elder abuse. Your father needs a restraining order and an attorney who specializes in elder law and end of life planning.”

From nutraxfornerves: “If a willmaker was manipulated, coerced, bullied or forced into making the will, the will can be contested and may be declared invalid. This is called making the will ‘under duress’. In addition, the will and the nursing home issue could be considered mental, emotional and/or financial abuse of an elder. You can contact Adult Protective Services in the area where your father lives.”

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