British Woman Panics When Spider Invades Her Australia Home

There are some people who have a fear of spiders and others who are downright terrified of them. They may even suffer from one of the most common phobias, arachnophobia.

I believe the British woman in this story qualifies as someone who has arachnophobia. She was staying on her property in Sydney, Australia when she noticed a Huntsman spider crawling around.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons License: CC BY-SA 2.5

If you are familiar with Huntsman spiders, they are somewhat benign but extremely large. This one was so large that she panicked and even offered $50 for anybody to come and remove the spider from her apartment.

The Daily Mail reported that she posted the following on Facebook: “Is anyone good with spiders? Will happily pay someone $50 to get this spider out my apartment in Coogee.”

Photo: Flickr/ John Tann License: CC BY 2.0

Although it seemed like a decent offer, not many people were willing to come to handle the situation. Per the Daily Mail, somebody even said they wouldn’t stick around long enough to take a picture, let alone drag it from her home.

As you can imagine, the comment section was absolutely full of people talking about their fear of spiders and how this one triggered their anxiety. Some even said they would move, and others said they wouldn’t come, even if she was paying hundreds of dollars.


This isn’t the first time a spider has triggered such a reaction. According to The Mirror, a woman called the police from her home in West Yorkshire to ask them to remove a spider.

When she told the operator that the spider was “absolutely massive and I’m not even joking,” it didn’t faze the person on the other end of the line. They just told her that the police wouldn’t come to get a spider from her home.

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