Man Finds Britain’s “Biggest Spider” Hiding In His Living Room

A man from the UK came home to an unexpected (and unwanted) house guest after taking a trip to Greece.

Upon arriving home in Oldham, Greater Manchester from a vacation, 24-year-old Scott Elwood was informed by his mother that they had a house guest in the living room. His mom revealed that the guest was, in fact, a massive spider that was hiding in a crack by the door.

Photo: YouTube/SuperViralTV

According to The Mirror, Scott began to scope out the arachnid along with his brother and stepfather.

When they finally found it, they were nothing short of horrified. In a video shared below, you can see Scott’s stepfather, Dean, luring the spider out of its hiding place with a toothpick.

“Oh my god, that is evil,” one of them says.

Photo: YouTube/SuperViralTV

The spider does appear massive. According to The Mirror, Scott said: “It could potentially be the biggest spider in Britain. That was the biggest spider I’ve ever seen, anywhere, especially in my house. I’d say it’s the size of your palm when it’s stretched out.”

According to the Natural History Museum, the largest spider found in the UK is the Cardinal Spider (Tegenaria parietina), which can have a leg span up to 12 cm long (nearly 5 inches!).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While the spider hasn’t officially been identified, it could resemble a Cardinal Spider based on the video. Perhaps it really is the largest spider in Britain!

Check out the video below:

Needless to say, once the video was shared, it wasn’t long before it went viral. People were freaked out and many suggested that it was the spider’s house now. We can get behind that!

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