Woman Blasted for Obliging Her Sister to Make Her Wedding Wheelchair-Accessible for Her Child

Sister versus sister. Bride versus single mom.

The cause of the dispute? The bride refuses to make her wedding venue accessible for her young niece, who’s bound to a wheelchair. Now, her sister is fuming because of the discrimination!

Is this single parent right? Does she have the right to oblige her sister to make the venue of her wedding wheelchair-accessible?

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Here’s the post of this single parent under the handle u/throwaway_formia in Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum: “For context, I (34F) am a single mom to my daughter Mia (8F). Mia has been disabled since the day she was born and needs wheelchair assistance and constant care whenever she is awake. I absolutely love her to death, and it’s only been us during this entire journey, so I’m definitely super protective of my little girl.”

OP continued her post with the following details about her sister: “I also have a sister, Cassidy (28F), who just called me about the logistics/plan for her wedding in six months to her fiancé, Max (27M). She said the wedding was going to be at a beach near our city, and it will be completely held in the sand: basically a 35-person ceremony right by the water followed by a bonfire and barbecue also in the sand. She said she just wanted to let me know before she sent the official invite because of Mia.”

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According to OP, she’s never been more shocked and disappointed in her sister. She expected her to check in with her first before she and her groom reserved a wedding venue. She must have realized that Mia couldn’t attend an event that was on a beach. It deeply offended her that her sister was now telling her that the venue could no longer be changed. She had tried to explain that Mia would be heartbroken once she learned about it, and OP herself thought it was cruel for her own family to do this to her disabled daughter.

OP was still fuming as she continued to say in her post, “Cassidy immediately started deflecting, saying she and Max checked to make sure the beach had a sand-friendly wheelchair for me to rent ($110/day) … the audacity to ask your guests to be paying just to make it to the event (especially when she knows I cannot afford this). Then she said how she will not change the location because she and Max met on this very beach, and it has been their dream ever since to get married here after they also got engaged here.”

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However, OP suggested to her sister that she should pay the rental herself since OP couldn’t afford it. But her sister explained that she and her groom had already made so many cuts in the budget, and they couldn’t afford to spend on anything more.

It just made OP’s blood boil even more, as she scathingly wrote, “Like you’re already paying for a whole wedding but can’t afford a rental for your FAMILY to come? I was talking to some moms of children with disabilities, and they all agree that it sounds like Cassidy doesn’t even want Mia there and is using all of this as an excuse. I’m thinking about just telling her that we won’t be attending her wedding and supporting a person who’s inconsiderate to her own family. So AITA?”

The answer? One of the loudest AH judgments that the AITA community has ever voiced out!

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From Yetikins: “The entire way the OP wrote this post sounds very adversarial and entitled. I bet the family struggles to deal with her.”

From Jealous-Treacle5736: “This is what struck me too. The choice of words and phrasing scream pity party! Like everyone is being mean and intentionally excluding OP and her child when the sister made sure to notify her well in advance in consideration of Mia!”

And an award-winning comment from Sea_Rise_1907: “Good parents pay for their own children’s needs instead of imposing on others to change their lives.”

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