A Bride Couldn’t Enjoy Her Wedding Reception Because She Felt Upstaged by a Server

Weddings might be the celebration of a couple’s love and their first step to marriage, but the bride is the main event. Everybody is aware that their favors are sacred — nobody can say no to the woman in white. Moreover, no one should ever outshine her, as she is the most gorgeous person at the event. It is the bride’s day, and stressing her would not be worth it. Everything must be according to her preference, especially when she has worked hard to achieve her wedding goals.

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However, brides should refrain from taking advantage of their power that day. Sometimes, due to stress or striving to make everything perfect, they might ask for questionable favors. There must be someone who can moderate her and reason out that her favor might badly impact others. Instead of having a peaceful wedding reception, the bride may sometimes pour her energy on a certain thing or person that bothers her, and someone must reign her in and remind her of what is important. For instance, in this case, the bride noticed a young server who made her feel upstaged due to her appearance.

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Reddit users called out a bride who complained about a 19-year-old girl who worked as a server at her reception. According to Present-Ad-3934’s post, she was having the wedding of her dreams, and everyone cooperated with what she wanted. OP instructed guests to wear dark colors and minimal makeup so that she and her husband stood out. Until she saw a server when they proceeded to cocktail hour.

“The server (19ishf) had on clearly too much eyeliner. She also had diamond studs in her ears, a flashy ring, and one of those ugly nose studs. The staff’s uniform was a black long-sleeved shirt, but on her, it was too low cut, and her pants were far too tight,” Present-Ad-3934 wrote. “It was super distracting. she was walking around serving drinks and talking to my guests. I asked another member of the staff to speak to their boss. when their boss came out, I pointed out the server and asked that she be dealt with, ’cause she was super distracting.”

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OP thought the boss had already sent the server home, but she spotted her again. The manager explained that they were short-staffed, which was very reasonable. But she was so deeply bothered by the server that she even threatened to call the cops if they wouldn’t send her home. Insecurity got the best of her, which turned the wedding into an unforgettable memory — but not in a good way.

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Based on her story, OP should not earn any support, mainly because she targeted a working person. The server did not even mean to upstage her, as she was busy doing her business. “Yta, too bad you didn’t get to enjoy your wedding reception because you couldn’t stop obsessing over a college aged server,” MsJamieFast commented. “The things that you objected to in the server could have been fixed – she could have removed her jewelry, the boss could have given her a shirt that covered her better. But you didn’t want it fixed, you chose to complain about her and not the offending items. This was entirely your choice to not enjoy yourself.”

The bride could’ve had a well-organized and dreamy wedding if she had handled the issue well. Reddit user woke_mom also pointed out, “How insecure is OP? It’s her wedding day, she’s dressed in probably the most beautiful and expensive dress she’s ever worn, best makeup and hair, surrounded by friends and family who are there to celebrate the couple’s love and beginning of their life together, that’s what a wedding should be about.”

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Everyone in the comment section had the same thoughts and bombarded OP with explanations that could enlighten her. The Reddit post was so intriguing that it received 20.3k upvotes and 1.5k comments. However, Reddit moderators have already closed the thread, perhaps because people can’t stop expressing their thoughts about the issue. You can still upvote comments you agree on and read the whole discussion in your free time.

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