Bride & Her Fellow Nurses Save Man’s Life After He Suffered Heart Attack At Her Wedding

Many things can go wrong on your wedding day, but many newlyweds are usually too happy or busy to notice or care.

One Massachusetts bride had something very unexpected happen at her wedding, but it wasn’t something anyone could have ignored.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Micaela Johnson and her co-workers who were in attendance at her wedding ended up saving one of her guest’s lives after he suffered a heart attack.

Everyone was dancing and having a great time when all of a sudden the wedding guest collapsed.

Someone began screaming for the band to stop playing their music, and that’s when Johnson turned around and realized what had happened.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Luckily, Johnson is an emergency room nurse and five of her nurse coworkers just happened to be there as well. Together, they quickly jumped into action to help the man who was lying on the dance floor while other guests called 911.

After doing a quick assessment and seeing that he wasn’t breathing right, they gave him CPR and applied a defibrillator to his chest, keeping him alive until an ambulance arrived to rush him to the nearest hospital.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

It turns out that the man had a widow-maker, a severe heart attack that is often fatal. Luckily, thanks to Johnson and her coworkers, the man eventually woke up and was talking before he even arrived at the hospital.

If Johnson wasn’t a nurse, things could have ended up much differently.

“He probably wouldn’t be alive today, honestly, if it didn’t happen at my wedding,” Johnson told Inside Edition.

Hear more of this story in the video below:

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