Bride and Groom Hyped Up the Dance Floor and Surprisingly Chose the Same Song

A couple plans a wedding together with the help of an organizer but sometimes just with their families. Both the bride and the groom have preferences about the important day — where they must meet in the middle and compromise. Sometimes they also plan surprise performances to make their future spouses smile and make the event even more fun. That’s why wedding celebrations are unique in their own way, especially when the couple has a lot of input regarding the event. They would often suggest games, special numbers, and adding twists to traditional wedding activities. You’ll find a lot of those unique reception parties on social media — most of them have gone viral.

Photo: Instagram/aamarievents

Wedding parties aren’t complete without dancing, which often starts after the couple’s first dance. Most times, the slow dance begins with the father and daughter before the couple’s moment. Guests are encouraged to join the dance floor accompanied by music from a live band or a DJ. The songs are personally chosen by the newly wedded couple or their organizer. Interestingly, a couple from India proved that they are soulmates after hyping up the dance floor. The videos were shared on the Instagram account of Amaari Events, which was the organizer they hired. It was a surprise presentation, but that’s not what shocked the couple and their guests. Turns out, they picked the same song, Saajanji Ghar Aaye from the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Amaari Events posted separate videos of the bride and groom’s performances. In the video of the bride, they wrote, “We love when our brides join the baraat but even more when they make a stunning entry! Shree stopped the show with a gorgeous welcome for her groom! (Can you spot his shocked face) Little did she know he had a surprise in store for her too! Stay tuned!” While on their post with the groom, the caption says, “The only thing better than one surprise baraat dance is TWO! Our bride AND groom both surprised each other with dances. The cutest part? They both chose the same song! Check out our Groom’s sweet moment. Truly meant for each other.”

You can truly feel the happiness radiating from both clips — the bride and groom were clearly made for each other. Netizens were delighted by the couple and adored their relationship. They both gave a beautiful performance which funnily became a dance-off. Guests and netizens felt joyful with the sudden turn of events — it was the kind of celebration weddings should look and feel like. Tag a friend preparing for a wedding or your future spouse for an idea. Bring the celebration to the dance floor before Mr. and Mrs. enter the world of the married.

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