This Bride Chose to Ace Her Practical Exam With a Lab Coat and a Wedding Dress

For much of history, women had a difficult time building a name for themselves. They were expected to be supportive housewives and caring mothers only. Women weren’t even allowed to vote or have a profession and were boxed into one role as a homemaker. So many potentials were left undiscovered because society couldn’t give them equal rights. Thankfully, such toxic treatments are not acceptable nowadays. Women can be whoever they want to be and continuously prove that they can do what men can accomplish. Young girls are free to dream and live that dream as they grow up.

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Society has progressed due to the benefits it has gained from talented and wise women. They have even successfully conquered male-dominated industries such as science and engineering. Ladies have worked hard to earn their positions. Fascinatingly, an Indian woman showed many people that a woman can be both a bride and an exemplary medical student. She knows where her priorities lie and believes that she can juggle both at the same time. Her practical exam was coincidentally scheduled during her wedding day.

The video was uploaded by Instagram user _grus_girls_ with the caption, “Medicos life. Exam and wedding in one day.” She arrived at school wearing a lab coat over her beautiful wedding dress. Her classmates were ecstatic when she entered the classroom, as if she was already walking down the aisle. Upon entering the room, you’ll also notice that she was carrying a stethoscope. The video caught the internet’s attention, gaining 2.8 million views, 189k likes, and hundreds of comments. It might have inspired others, especially young ladies, that your degree is as significant as your title as the missus.

Another Instagram reel was uploaded related to the bride prioritizing her practical exam. The first few seconds showed how the bride prepared and reviewed for the practical exam on the way to her school. Many people were entertained by the sequence of the events. It’s like a parallel between a bride arriving at the wedding venue and a med student entering school ready to ace an exam. When the bride finished her student duties, she left school with her mother to finally meet her soon-to-be husband. The viral video became a hot conversation topic, and discussions can be found in the comment section. Share the reel with friends, especially those with strong opinions about a woman’s career and personal life.

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