“You Ruined My Wedding!” Bride Accuses a Teenage Guest for Wearing a Sage Green Dress

This story was posted by a 17-year-old girl who was humiliated at a wedding event for wearing a sage green dress. It will surely make you raise an eyebrow.

But, believe it or not, the situation has become so serious that this girl’s parents have filed charges against the insecure bride.

Yes, this bride obviously is so overwhelmed with insecurities that she had requested all of her female guests not to “outshine” her on her wedding day. She wanted them to be “modest” with simple color and make-up.

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Going by the username u/RealisticTart2391, this girl related on her post in Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum that she was fine with following the bride’s instructions. She wore a satin sage green dress that she matched with a bit of shimmery eyeshadow and transparent gloss. Lovely but modest.

However, OP did not expect what followed next, as she wrote: “During the wedding, the bride’s mom suddenly asked to talk to me alone, which was weird since she should’ve been talking to my dad instead. She brought me to the bride’s dressing room, and it was awkward. The bride started to berate me for wearing the dress, saying I’m too flashy, I’m stealing her spotlight, and gave me the alternative to leave the wedding or wear a black dress that was double my size and remove my makeup.”

OP said that she refused because the black dress that the bride wanted her to wear looked uncomfortable, and her parents would surely ask about her original sage green dress.

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OP continued her story with these details: “The bride started crying, and I told my parents everything she demanded, then they got angry at her. Because of it, they said they were not going to give any wedding money to her, which led to a fight between my dad and his friend. Today the bride sent me hateful messages saying I ruined her wedding.”

OP wanted to ask the AITA community if her wearing a sage green dress to a wedding was a bad decision since it upset the bride.

But it surely was right for her, being a minor, to have shown the bride’s hateful messages to her parents, who are now taking legal action to protect their daughter.

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What are the opinions from the AITA community?

One Reddit commenter wrote, “I had to look up ‘sage green,’ expecting it to be like a super flashy jewel green color…. it’s like old lettuce color. How can a color be more simple? I just don’t see the problem… sounds like she was just jealous that you looked nice in her proximity. NTA.”

Another Reddit user commented, “Sage green is not flashy. But regardless, it is time to put an end to this bizarre custom of requesting that guests appear drab to emphasize the bride. That’s toxic and ridiculous. If the bride needs this to feel good about herself, she needs more help than a bunch of willing victims in their ash-gray ensembles and unvarnished faces can give.

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“It’s not a reasonable ask. It sets the wedding up for conflict and drama. Rather than showcasing the couple’s love and commitment, it showcases the bride’s pettiness and insecurity.

“NTA. Ugh. She ruined her own wedding. I get that even people who lack basic social skills get to get married, but FFS, were there no relatives to guide this bridezilla? Guests are not minions.”

This person likewise did not think this girl caused the trouble: “My two cents: the dress and makeup weren’t the problem. The problem was OP’s good looks. OP didn’t ruin the wedding, and I’m glad her parents didn’t give the newlyweds the money gift.”

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