Bride Kicks Spiteful Stepmom Out of Her Life for Daring to Hurt Her Mom a Second Time

What would you do if you found out that the father and stepmom you grew up with were a “couple in crime?”

Your stepmom was your mom’s best friend who cheated with your dad, and over the years they kept it a secret from you while your mom languished in misery. Then, upon finding out the truth, you still tried to be a loving child, along with your sister.

But, just when you’re about to tie the knot with the man you love and enter a new door to forever happiness, your stepmom has the gall to post the “truth” about her affair with your dad on social media as part of her congratulatory message for your wedding!

Absolutely disgusting and unethical! Moreover, you can feel that the real intention was to totally crush your mom under her feet! As if their betrayal of your mom years ago was not enough.

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This was what this bride felt after reading her stepmom’s heartless social media post, the full story of which she decided to publish on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum. With the username u/FirmConsideration60, she started to explain, “My stepmom has been married to my dad since I was 7. She was the other woman in my parents’ marriage, and she was also supposed to be my mom’s best friend. I didn’t know her very well pre-affair reveal. She lived in another city and, apparently most of my life and all of my sister’s life, she and our dad had been sleeping together. This is not something I was aware of as a kid. My sister and I knew we didn’t have parents who got along after the divorce; we could sense the tension. Once or twice, we had an idea mom hated our stepmom, but she never said or did anything directly in front of us. The vibe was just there. It did not stop us loving our stepmom.”

She and her sister learned the truth when they were already 17 and 19 years old. They were sad for their mom, but they still tried to make the best of everything since their dad and stepmom were good to them both.

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Time passed, and OP was ready to get married. She wrote, “After my fiance and I announced our engagement on social media, my stepmom wrote a post about how she dreamed of this day when I was born, how she had been so excited to watch her very first baby grow up and get married, how she and dad had talked about it before I could walk. She tagged my dad, but she also tagged some friends who knew her back then who were also friends with my mom. The post was distasteful and honestly was exposing that she had always planned to have the affair. It did change how I felt. I told her to take it down and apologize, she told me she did not regret the post, and why wasn’t I happy she loved me that much.”

That was when OP really acted in anger and accused her stepmom of trying to rub it into her mom’s face that, after stabbing her in the back, she was also able to win the love of her husband and kids. Her stepmom merely replied that it was 20 years ago and their mom should have already forgotten about it.

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But OP would no longer take it all sitting down. She wrote, “I decided not to include her in any wedding planning. She is a wedding planner as a profession, and I know she would want to, but I am not happy with her post. Mom was so happy when I told her. But when my stepmom wanted to know when she’d be dress shopping with me and what I wanted her help with, I told her I did not want her involved in any wedding planning.”

OP continued to say that her dad and stepmom were accusing her of overreacting and saying that she should be treating her well after their being good parents to her.

Was OP wrong for finally kicking her deceitful and vain stepmom out of her life?

Reddit users joined as one voice in their reaction to this post:

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Lazuli_Rose wrote, “NTA. My God, how dense is this woman? She practically put it out there for everyone to see that she knowingly was having an affair with your dad while your mom was pregnant with you! If this was me, she’d be lucky to get a damned invite to the wedding. Tell her she is reaping the consequences of ‘f*ck around, find out,’ 20 years later. I’m practically spitting fire at this woman’s audacity; No, she is not being a good parent to you by putting up that post, knowing it was going to hurt your mom. That’s being a something I can’t write or I will get banned.”

Likewise, thetaleofzeph voiced, “She’s peeing at the corners of what she thinks is her property.”

EmeraldBlueZen also had these scathing words to say against OP’s stepmom: “And she was supposedly your mom’s best friend. With friends like her, who needs enemies? And her minimizing the pain your mom must have felt, that she needed to get over it because it’s been 20 years, is absolutely infuriating. Good on you, OP, for siding with mom here. NTA at all.”

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Jazzlike-Two9015 could not hold back this observation of OP’s despicable mom: “I don’t think she’s dense; I think she’s calculating af. I think SM thinks she’s ‘won,’ especially since bio mom was such a saint and never spoke ill of them to the children. She probably sees OP’s mom as a pushover or thinks that the kids love her so much more than their mom and would choose SM over their mom, and therefore has no problem making posts like that on social media. OP’s stepmom is disgusting and awful, as is the father.”

More Reddit users also advised OP to talk with her wedding moderators to keep everything a secret from her stepmom, who’s also a wedding planner. She might try to access information that could serve whatever evil plan that’s brewing in her mind. Just like in the fairytales, you cannot trust a witch.

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