Bride Asks Dad Of Organ Donor Who Saved Her Life To Walk Her Down The Aisle

Diana Donnarumma Kreher was facing a rather difficult time in her life. She was all set to get married but unless she was able to get an organ transplant, she wouldn’t be able to say “I do.”

Thankfully, an organ donor was there to save the day. Although that donor did lose her life in the process, she managed to save eight lives at the same time and Diana didn’t want it to go unnoticed. After all, she was on an organ donation list with thousands of others and her future was on shore.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Around the time that she was on that list, a woman by the name of Heather Donally died in an automobile accident. It seems as if she was the perfect match for Diana, who was able to receive the large and small intestines that she needed to survive and she’s been quite vocal about the gift Heather gave her on social media.

Diana was able to come through the surgery successfully and, according to Inside Edition, she said that she wants to honor the special person who saved her life each and every day.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

She was able to locate Heather’s father, Daniel Donnelly, and she had a special request for him. She wanted to thank him for what her daughter had done, but she also learned that she was very similar in many ways to Heather. They were the same age and they were both engaged.

She knew that Daniel would never be able to walk his own daughter down the aisle so she did something unexpected. She asked him to walk her down the owl at her own wedding, and he said he would be honored.

We often plan the wedding day out in great detail, wanting to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This little addition to the wedding, however, was one that added so much emotion it was difficult to hold back the tears. Even Heather’s photos were included on the tables.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

They were also there to enjoy the reception together. According to Inside Edition, even Daniel admitted that he had a great time at the wedding and watching Diane on the dance floor allowed him to picture his own daughter doing the same thing.

Daniel went on to say: “You guys are as loving as my daughter was – she’d be very proud of you two. And I wish you the best of luck. I know she’s looking down right now, she’s very happy. Diana is a sweet girl, she’s got a heart of gold, calls me dad. She says, ‘I’ve got two dads now.’ I was very honored.”

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