Shelter Dog Jumps Over Kennel Wall To Be With Her Best Friend

In the song by Marvin Gaye, “There ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you.”

But according to a shelter dog named Brenda, there isn’t a kennel wall high enough to keep her from getting to her best friend, Linda.

The two female pit bulls arrived as strays at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control together and Brenda did not approve of being put in separate kennels.

The athletic 4-year-old was captured on video jumping up and over the kennel wall into Linda’s kennel. The video was shared on a Facebook page run by shelter volunteers with the caption, “Mission Impawsible”.

Screenshot: Facebook/Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control

Thousands of people watched as Brenda showed what true friendship looks like. The person who found them wandering the streets commented, “Checks out. Brenda NEEDS her cuddle time and doesn’t let much stand in the way of that 😂 (Disclaimer: not the owner, just the person who housed them over the weekend until MACC was open)”.

Brenda and Linda are now sharing a kennel and hope to find a loving home together. The shelter team wrote, “Brenda and Linda are both available for adoption! Both are dog friendly, but they also love each other and would love a home together. Brenda (the high jumper) has been a helper dog in playgroups. Linda is a happy coexisiter.”

Learn more about adopting these sweet gals here. They are clearly the dog version of Thelma & Louise and must stay together.

Watch as Brenda and Linda have fun playing with a fellow shelter dog named Hank in the video below. Share their story!

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