Dog Hit By A Car And Left To Die Makes Miraculous Recovery From Brain Injury

When a stray dog was hit by a car and left to die, things looked grim for the poor animal. He didn’t have anyone to turn to and no way to move from where he lay comatose.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan noticed the dog still clinging to life and called Animal Aid Unlimited in India for help.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Animal Aid Unlimited shared on YouTube that they were able to pick up the dog and rush him to the hospital. Amazingly, he wasn’t suffering from any broken bones!

However, rescuers suspected the poor dog had a brain injury from the accident and they decided to give him his best chance at recovery. They wrote, “Something was very very wrong. Even from a distance we could see that this puppy’s neck was twisted in a terrible way.”

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

With plenty of rest and time, the dog, who they named Breezy, began to show signs of improvement. He started eating some and lifting her head up. By week 3, she was ready to start walking again!

The rescue said, “We gave him supportive care and treatment for several days while he remained semi-comatose, but on the third day, we were delighted that he wanted to eat on his own. With a little help to stabilize his neck, this little gem seemed to tell us ‘I’m ready to live!'”

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Beyond re-learning to walk, Breezy also had to re-learn how to run and play and do all the things a dog should do! Brain injuries can take a long time to recovery from, but within two months, Breezy was running around with the other dogs and fulling living life to the best.

You can see his rescue and recovery in the video below:

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