Drone Captures Whale Jumping From Water To Feed On A School Of Fish

Drone footage taken near a New York State beach shows the incredible moment a whale breached the water to feed on a school of fish.

The footage was captured by staff with the Jones Beach State Park Lifeguards.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the Intelligencer New York, the area has seen an increase in shark activity over the summer of 2022, including six shark encounters on Long Island in the span of three weeks.

Because of the increasing shark sightings ad bites, lifeguards have turned to drones to look out for sharks in areas where people are swimming. However, it’s not just sharks that the drone manages to capture.

Photo: Twitter/@BucketBuoy

In a video shared on Twitter by the Jones Beach Lifeguards, you can see a school of silver fish abruptly scattering as a huge whale breaches through the middle for a snack.

Jones Beach Lifeguards tweeted the footage, writing, “We love our thriving oceans here at @NYstateparks world famous Jones Beach! Our lifeguard drone operator captured this amazing moment earlier today.

They later shared a close-up video of the same moment and it’s incredible to watch. It looks like an explosion of fish!

In the video, you can see the whale’s massive mouth opening up through the school and inhaling any unlucky fish that didn’t manage to get away.

Nature is so cool!

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