Locals Worry About Neighborhood Owl After She’s Found Lying In The Road

A barred owl was given the spotlight in Branford, Connecticut after being found lying in the road and refusing to budge.

The owl was well-known to the neighborhood and it wasn’t long before help was called.

Laura Burban, director of Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, took to the shelter’s Facebook page to describe the owl rescue.

She wrote, saying:

“Yesterday was a very exciting day for me! I’ve worked at the shelter for 15 years and never have helped on an Owl call ! Typically my staff get to go on calls and I’m in the office but once I heard they had an Owl call , I was in !!!”

She went on to say that the owl may have been “bumped” by a car, but likely wasn’t hit. She said, “it doesn’t appear his wing was broken but it might have been bruised.”

Thankfully, they were able to safely transport the owl from his spot in the road to A Place Called Hope a rehabilitation center that specializes in brids of prey.

According to The Dodo, locals from the neighborhood where the owl was found were concerned for her as they’d watched her grow up. Apparently, the owl had become so well known in the area that she was somewhat famous among the neighborhood, like a local mascot of sorts!

A few weeks after the rescue, Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter shared a happy update about the owl on Facebook. They explained that the owl was given the all-clear to be released from the rehabilitation center and that’s exactly what happened.

Photo: Facebook/Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

The shelter wrote, “This beautiful creature is now back on his home land ready to start the New Year off flying high and flying free!”

You can watch his release in the video below:

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