Boy “Squeaks” When He Laughs After Accidentally Swallowing Dog Toy

A potentially life-threatening medical accident was met with humor when a boy started to “squeak” after swallowing a dog toy.

Jonathan Serrano shared about his mishap on TikTok, saying, “The time I accidentally swallowed a dog toy.”

Photo: TikTok/@brownjonathan33

While he added that he almost died over the dog toy, it resulted in a lot of laughs too. In the video, you can see that every time Johnathan starts to laugh, he squeaks!

As many people pointed out in the comments, he sounds like Wheezy from Toy Story and it’s too funny.

Photo: TikTok/@brownjonathan33

Apparently, he accidentally inhaled the squeaky toy and it became lodged in his lungs. When air moved through it, it squeaked.

He ended up having to go to the emergency room and you can see not even the nurse can contain her laughter.

@brownjonathan33 It’s ture I almost die ##Neardeath#f#funny ♬ original sound – Jonathan Serrano

Naturally, many people wanted to know how accidentally swallowed the toy.

In a follow-up video, Jonathan explained that he was squeaking the toy in his mouth when he accidentally inhaled it into his lungs.

Photo: TikTok/@brownjonathan33

He said he had to be put to sleep to have the toy removed from his lungs.

It sounds like a scary situation, but it all turned out ok!

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