10-Year-Old Hero Saves Mom From Drowning During A Seizure

Our parents are everything to us when we’re kids. We want to do our best to make them proud of us. They’re our heroes. We look up to them and see them as strong – our rocks, so it definitely pains us to see them in a vulnerable state.

As we grow up, we want to be there for our parents. And for one mom living in Oklahoma, it was a lucky break that her young son was nearby so that he could save her during her hour of need.

Photo: Facebook/Lori Keeney

Video footage from a home security system caught something amazing on camera: the moment that a 10-year-old boy saved his mom from drowning. Lori Keeney, the Oklahoma mother, was in her backyard pool enjoying a swim when she experienced a seizure! It could’ve ended rather badly, but her son was nearby and he immediately leaped into action, saving her life.

Lori posted the footage to her Facebook and shared that “one of [her] worst nightmares” ended up happening that morning.

Photo: Facebook/Lori Keeney

In the video, viewers can see Lori swimming, as well as the moment right when she begins to convulse in the water. Moments later, viewers can then see her son, Gavin, diving into the pool where he holds her head above water.

According to ABC News, Gavin had been outside on the porch when the sounds of splashing caught his attention. That is when he looked over and saw Lori “sinking into the pool.”

Photo: Facebook/Lori Keeney

His quick actions were to make sure that he was able to get her head above water – and he kept her afloat for more than a minute, giving his grandfather time to notice what was happening and step in to help.

Gavin’s brave actions saved his mom’s life, and as a result, he was presented with an award for bravery by the Kingston Police Department. Lori was quite proud of her son, stating, “He’s definitely my hero. But I really do feel like he’s my guardian angel, as well.”

Watch the incredible video down below:

Viewer discretion is advised.

What do you think of this young boy’s amazing rescue of his mom? Would you have done the same as a kid for your parents? Let us know!

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