Boy Grows His Hair Out To Support Classmate With Leukemia Diagnosis

Childhood should be a time of fun and innocence. No kid should have to face the reality that life can sometimes be scary and uncertain.

Unfortunately, some children are not always dealt an easy hand early in life. Sadly, for Kiki Guite, life dealt her a pretty tough hand through a leukemia diagnose. But Kiki didn’t have to face it alone, she had people in her corner willing to support her. One such friend was 10-year-old Dakota McNeil.

Photo: Unsplash/National Cancer Institute

According to Global News, when Dakota heard that Kiki had been diagnosed with leukemia, he immediately wanted to find a way to help. This sweet boy then decided to do something some might think unconventional to show his support of Kiki. Rather than shaving his hair off in solidarity, Dakota grew out his hair. Yes, most people who want to support their friends or loved ones facing cancer will often shave their heads as a sign of solidarity. But not Dakota.

This young boy, who is a student at Montreal’s St. Lawrence Academy, thought it better if he grew out his hair. The reason? He wanted to make a donation out of it.

Photo: Unsplash/TOMMY VAN KESSEL

He spent a year and a half growing it until it went well past his shoulders. Then, the moment arrived for him to chop it all off.

Right in front of a crowd in the school’s gym, Dakota’s moment arrived. As he shared with Global News, “I’m excited, and a little bit nervous at the same time, ’cause I want it gone. It’s annoying.”

Photo: flickr/t-bet

The hair he’d spent so long growing was then donated to a nonprofit that makes wigs for people who have lost their hair because of medical conditions. But Dakota didn’t just grow his hair out for a good cause. He also spent those 18 months helping to raise money for Kiki’s family to cover her medical bills.

What a kind-hearted kid!

A few years have passed since this time, and Kiki’s family was pleased to share on Facebook that she’s been in remission since 2015. What great news!

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