Boy Helps Stray Dogs Get Adopted by Giving Free Baths

When we see dogs that need a home, we can’t help but feel sorry for them. We may even try to help, but we often feel limited in what we can do.

Every once in a while, we hear about someone who is making a difference, and today, that someone is 13-year-old Thiago. The teenager from Antônio Prado, Brazil, had an idea, and he followed through in a beautiful way.

Thiago wanted to help dogs living on the streets to find a forever home, but he realized they weren’t always as appealing as they could be. That is when he got the idea of giving those stray dogs a bath so they could find a home.

An Idea Became A Reality

The project, known as Sou de rua mas to limpinho (I’m homeless, but I’m clean), got its start in 2020. His father helped him get started, and before he knew it, he was washing street dogs in his spare time.

When speaking with The Dodo, he said: “While talking to my father, I told him about my idea of ​​bathing street dogs so they stay clean and fragrant and people look at them differently on the street.”

One of the biggest problems he and his father had when starting was catching street dogs. Since they had often experienced abuse, they were skittish and didn’t trust humans.

Helping Rescued Dogs

Thiago’s father then went to NGO Noah’s Ark, and that is where they really got their start. They began washing the dogs that were already rescued from the street to make them more adoptable and give the rescue more space to rescue more dogs.

People from the community were impressed with what they were doing and began donating shampoo and other items to help the dogs get clean.

What started out as a simple dog bath soon grew to involve added accessories, such as a ribbon or pin. Thiago was careful to match the personality of the dog, and it helped them get adopted.

Thiago has bathed dozens of dogs, and, thanks to his efforts, many have been able to find forever homes.

He said that he doesn’t want people to be afraid to adopt, claiming ‘it’s the best thing in the world.’ At the same time, he wants people to understand the responsibility and provide a lifetime of love for the animals.

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