Boy Cries When Parents Surprise Him With A Puppy For His Birthday

Having a dog is a dream that a lot of kids have. Dogs can be the best of friends to a child, but pet ownership isn’t a responsibility that all parents are ready to take on.

12-year-old Adam had been asking his parents for a dog since he was three years old. Years passed, and his parents never let him get the dog he dreamed of.

On his 12th birthday though, his parents surprised him with the best gift and it brought Adam to tears almost instantly!

Photo: TikTok/@cincygirl513

In a video shared on TikTok, you can see Adam opening a birthday present from his mom. He pulls out a Stranger Things plushy toy first, and his mom says, “It’s cool, right? It’s Stranger Things. That what you like, right?”

Adam smiles and goes along with it, seeming grateful for the plushy toy. He then pulls out a second gift from the package and it’s another plushy toy, a basketball with a squeaker inside. He tells his mom, “These are dog toys,” but he acts grateful for them anyway.

Photo: TikTok/@cincygirl513

His mom says, “I’m so sorry bud, I guess you need a dog.” And then Adam’s dad walks out, holding a tiny bundle of fluff: a puppy.

Adam can’t believe it and is instantly moved to tears. It’s so precious to watch! Check out the video below:

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The video was viewed nearly 40 million times and people really wanted an update on how Adam and his puppy were getting on!

Thankfully, Adam’s mom was happy to oblige and she shared a follow-up post with more pictures of Adam with his new puppy.

Photo: TikTok/@cincygirl513

In the clip, she explained that the puppy is an 8-week-old mutt named Weller. “Adam and Weller are already best friends. Inseparable!” she wrote.

Watch the sweet video below:

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