Boxer Pup, Royal, Longs for the Royal Treatment in Life

Way back when Royal first came to the Pima Animal Care Center in March 2022, he was a bit unsure about all of the new people, new dogs, and the noisy shelter environment. He was lucky to spend a bit of time in PACC’s decompression program for shy and fearful dogs and got extra attention and reassurance from a dedicated group of volunteers. Royal graduated from the program ready to continue his journey in a home, but here’s the problem . . . Royal is still in the shelter!

boxer pup
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Royal is an adorable fawn-and-white Boxer mix that weighs approximately 53 pounds and is thought to be about 2 years and 10 months old. Neutered and extremely long-legged, PACC would love to see this even-keeled long-stay boy who has been so very patient find a foster or forever home where he can really open up and bond with a family. Here’s what a couple of Royal’s volunteer friends had to say about him:

adoptable boxer
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Boxer Breed

“Royal is a long-stay dog who I’ve been spending time with for a while. He’s a funny guy who has a bit of a stoic personality but also a very goofy side. He walks great on a leash and loves toys. He stumbled across a squeaky toy in the park the other day and had a great time tossing it to himself as we walked along. He even caught a case of the zoomies. I would love to see this boy in a home!”

“Royal leashes easily and is not reactive inside or outside the shelter. He takes treats gently and walks with a relatively loose leash. He comes off a bit stoic, but he’s just a quirky little dude with a slightly crooked schnoz. He would really benefit from a stay-in foster, so we can get some home notes where his personality might be able to shine brighter.”

adoptable boxer pup
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Adoptable Shelter Pets

Royal has done well with a much rowdier long-term kennel mate and has started going to playgroup with other shelter dogs regularly, and he’s doing great. He is tolerant, social, and even a bit playful with the other dogs. He’d like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it’s a good fit, and he will do well with a family who allows him to settle into a new environment at his own pace. Please ask about this very deserving long-stay shelter resident today!

If you are interested in adopting Royal, or you are aware of someone who might be, please email with additional questions. He’s in Kennel D114, and his ID# is A772726.

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