Cruel Person Dumps Box Full Of Puppies On Side Of Busy Road During Dangerous Storm

Sadly, a cruel person abandoned a cardboard box full of puppies on the side of a busy Ottawa County road during a dangerous storm.

The scared pups remained in the box as strong winds and sheets of rain began falling this past weekend.

Photo: Facebook/Harbor Humane

Luckily, someone came across the box of soaking wet pups before it was too late and called police. Deputies brought them to Harbor Humane, a West Michigan shelter, for evaluation and treatment.

The puppies, who are just four weeks old, wouldn’t have survived the night with the rain and freezing temperatures. Thankfully, they are now safe at the shelter and receiving proper care until they’re ready for their forever homes.

Photo: Facebook/Harbor Humane

Most of the pups are doing great and are headed to foster homes, where they will continue to recover and receive lots of TLC.

Two of the pups are in critical condition, but shelter staff is hopeful that they will be OK.

Harbor Humane is now inquiring about who may have abandoned the puppies.

Photo: Facebook/Harbor Humane

“Had they reached out to Harbor, we would have been more than willing to help, and this dangerous situation could have been avoided,” staff wrote on Facebook. “We never want to see an animal abandoned and truly will never turn away a person or pet in a real emergency, even when we are bursting at the seams.”

The shelter hopes going forward that anyone who can’t care for dogs in their area will ask for help before doing something cruel like this.

Hear more of this story in the video below:

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