Boston Terrier Finds A Forever Home With His Adorable ‘I Love You’ Bark

We know that dogs have the ability to wrap us around their paw and steal our hearts. Some of them do it with the way that they look and others with the way that they act, but for Domino, it was the way that he barked.

Domino is a Boston terrier that was discovered in Tyler, Texas living on the streets.

Photo: YouTube/ABC News

According to ABC News, he was taken to the Pets Fur People shelter, where he spent a few weeks living with some of the other rescue dogs. As a four-year-old terrier, it seems as if he was wise beyond his years because he knew exactly what it would take to get adopted.

It all had to do with the special bark that Domino had. When anybody came to visit the shelter and walked away from the pooch, he would bark in such a way that it sounded like he was saying “I love you.”

Photo: YouTube/ABC News

This is enough to make anyone stop and pay attention but for Donna Bryanon, it was love at first sight (or sound). Within a few weeks after he arrived at the shelter, Donna was taking him home and giving him the forever home that he deserved.

According to ABC News, the operations manager at the shelter, Terry Cashion, said: “When the lady [Donna] adopting him came in – she’s a real nice lady who has adopted from us before – she said: ‘He talks to me.'”

Photo: YouTube/ABC News

After she tried to convince him that all of the dogs talk to her, Don admitted that Domino was special. That is when they went out to have a listen and you completely hear him saying “I love you.”

Interestingly, it also seemed as if he only would say it when you were walking away. It was as if he was trying to get your attention and bring you back because he wanted your love.

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