Man Films Border Collie Running Through “Doggy Heaven” In Sweet Viral Video

A TikTok user who goes by the nickname “Sean the Sheepman” has been stealing hearts on the internet, but it’s not his good looks or sheep herding skills that are catching people’s attention. Instead, it’s his work dogs!

You see, Sean is a sheep farmer in Scotland and he works alongside some well-trained border collies. He shares videos of his life on the farm featuring his dogs and people can’t get enough.

Photo: TikTok/@seanthesheepman

According to the American Kennel Club, the border collie is described as a “remarkably bright workaholic.” The AKC says that the key to a border collie’s happiness is having a job to perform, like agility, obedience work, or herding.

Sean’s dogs work in the later category, helping him tend the sheep through herding. It’s any border collie’s dream, but it gets even better when you see the space they’re given to run.

Photo: TikTok/@seanthesheepman

In a breathtaking video shared on TikTok, Sean shows Echo the border collie getting to run full-speed through a grassy, rolling landscape as the sun shines brightly behind. It’s stunning, like some kind of doggy utopia!

The video was viewed nearly 15 million times, with many people commenting on how it looks like Echo is in doggy heaven!

Photo: TikTok/@seanthesheepman

“Was this filmed in doggo heaven?” one user commented. “This is how I picture all the dogs who passed over to the rainbow bridge,” another added.

You can see the video for yourself below:

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Echo is one lucky pup!

You can keep up with Sean, Echo, and the rest of her herd on TikTok, @seanthesheepman.

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