A Sweet Border Collie/Pyrenees-Mix Wants to Call You His Forever Friend

Everyone needs a friend, and they don’t have to be human to fit the bill. Yes, animals can be our friends just as easily as our pals from school or work. In fact, dogs can be the best friends you’ll ever have. They’re loyal, nonjudgmental, and they’re always glad to see you, regardless of how late you are, what you’re wearing, or the kind of mood you’re in.

If you’re in the market for a new BFF, consider adopting a shelter dog! Not sure where to begin? Consider Joeby, an approximately 1-year-old Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mixed breed from Utah that was picked up as a stray. He’s searching for a forever home that would be a good fit for everyone involved. Here is his bio:

Photo: Arizona Border Collie Rescue


My name is Joeby, and I am searching for a forever friend to live with. My foster dad really does not know anything about me before I got to him, but that is ok because I am loving life now. I love to go for walks (I am easy to walk and pull very little), car rides, adventures, and out to dinner. You name it, and I am up for it. A lover of fun in general, I enjoy playing with all kinds of toys and balls as well. In fact, I will entertain myself with them all day long while my foster dad works. I am also a terrific cuddler, sometimes so much so that my dad has to remind me that I am a big boy because I forget.

border collie
Photo: Arizona Border Collie Rescue

As young as I am, I still have some puppy habits that we are working on, like chewing on remotes, shoes, and water bottles. But I am gradually learning that they are not toys. I am very friendly with all people and dogs that I have met so far, and I just want to play with them and be friends. I also have a border collie stepbrother that is 11 that I play with at the right level. I am house and doggy-door trained, plus I do fine when left home alone.

Photo: Arizona Border Collie Rescue

Some final details about me include the fact that I am very outgoing and loving, I could be your only dog or live with others, and I would do well with any family. The only thing unknown about my behavior at this point is how well I would do with any resident cats, as I haven’t lived with any that my caregivers are aware of.

Otherwise, I am so excited to possibly meet and play with my forever family soon. Will you be them?

Arizona Border Collie Rescue

If you’d like to learn more about Joeby, contact the Arizona Border Collie Rescue.

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