Clever Border Collie Memorizes Disc Golf Course After One Round Through

A clever border collie is impressing people around the world with her memory!

In a video shared by her owner, Isaac Olson, you can see Luna the border collie running through a disc golf course that she memorized after just one round through!

Photo: YouTube/Luna’s Adventures

The temporary disc golf course was set up in Boucherville, Québec, and Luna had the chance to play it once before a heavy snowfall covered the course.

Despite that, she seemed to remember every part of the course! Despite the snow covering the ground and baskets, Luna ran through the course with expert precision.

Photo: YouTube/Luna’s Adventures

According to the American Kennel Club, border collies thrive with intellectual stimulation. The AKC describes the border collie as “a remarkably bright workaholic” that thrives with work to do. Regardless of if they’re training for herding, agility, or some other task at hand, they need to be doing something to use their minds and bodies!

As it turns out, disc golf is one of the many activities that can help keep the breed moving and feeling its best.

Photo: YouTube/Luna’s Adventures

Issac describes Luna as a border collie who “loves to go on adventures.” He said, “Her specialty is disc golf, but her skills don’t stop there.”

You can watch Luna in action in the video below:

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