Protective Border Collie Plays “Lifeguard” When Kittens Go For A Swim

When a litter of foster kittens took a swim in their Texas family’s home, there was a trusty lifeguard on watch: the family’s border collie.

While the kittens worked to get out of the water, the protective border collie played “lifeguard” and ensured they made it to safety.

Photo: Facebook/Bordernerd

She even helped warm then up afterwards!

The dog trainer behind Bordernerd
shared a video of the moment on Facebook with the caption: “Kitten school — emergency preparedness.”

She went on to say that they weren’t teaching the kittens how to swim, but rather, they were teaching the kittens how to safely exit the pool in case they ever fall into one.

Photo: Facebook/Bordernerd

She said, “All my foster kittens are supervised, but it is always a good idea to prepare them for emergency situations.” She made sure to note that the video was filmed in Texas during the summer with a temperature-controlled pool, so the kittens were safe and comfortable during the training.

After being shared on Facebook, the video quickly went viral and was viewed over 14 million times!

Photo: Facebook/Bordernerd

“The dog is so helpful,” Amber Nicholson commented, and we’re inclined to agree with her.

You can see the sweet border collie in action in the video below:

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