Kittens Rescued From Bodega Basement Get Pampered With A Bath

It was a lucky day for two little kittens named Pico and Guac. The tiny pair were found in the basement of a Brooklyn bodega and were then rescued by Flatbush Cats.

Following their rescue, it was time for this adorable pair to get beautified in anticipation of a new life. Of course, the pampering just had to be captured on video because why wouldn’t you film two kittens having a spa day?

Photo: Flatbush Cats

As stated in the video, “Former bodega kittens enjoying a spa day.”

Pico and Guac were in for a change. Not only were they getting much-needed baths, but they were also experiencing human love and contact for the first time since before their rescue.

It was all overwhelming for the little kittens as they took in the new experience like champs. At first, they weren’t quite sure what to do with the water, but eventually, they seemed to enjoy the relaxing, warm bath.

Photo: Flatbush Cats

Following their pampering, it was time for them to go live with their foster family and learn how to be cats.

The rescue then added, “Pico and Guac, two former bodega kittens, are loving life in foster. They are getting lots and playtime and cuddles thanks to your support!”

In previous videos put out by Flatbush Cats, the rescue raised awareness of an alarming number of bodega cats who lack proper vet care, and they are trying to find an affordable solution for that.

Photo: Flatbush Cats

As the previous video has stated, “We all love bodega cats – they bring us so much joy! But many bodega cats do not receive the basic veterinary care they need. The best way to show your love for bodega cats is to help us make basic veterinary care more affordable for more New Yorkers.”

Hopefully they’ll be able to find a good solution for bodega cats to get their much-needed care. As for Pico and Guac, hopefully these two get their loving, forever home soon!

Watch the adorable little video of Pico and Guac down below:

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