Curious Bobcat Takes a Peek at a Nearby Campsite

Camping near the wild can truly give you a lot of memorable experiences. You’ll get to feel nature, and the peaceful ambiance is top-tier. It’s an activity that will take you on an adventure — where you’ll see yourself from a different perspective. Camping is most remarkable when you spend it with your loved ones. You’ll have tons of things to talk about after your trip. The recreational activity strengthens your bond with the people you love or with yourself.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Trougnouf

Aside from the mental and emotional perks of camping, you’ll get to see majestic animals. Although wild animals are terrifying, sometimes they are just curious about humans, too. They are confused at someone who set camp near their area. One might even take a peek, like the curious little bobcat shared on Reddit. The short clip has made thousands of people gush and smile on the social media platform.

Photo: Reddit/MiloTockandtheHumbug

A precious young bobcat was staring into the camera and wagging its tail. It looked like a regular feline at first, but once you notice the ears, you’ll know that you have a visitor from the wild. The feline stood there observing the camping area, and further into the clip, it even tried to move closer. MiloTockandtheHumbug uploaded the video on Reddit, which received 4.0k upvotes and 180 comments.

People in the comment section expressed their love for the adorable visitor, saying they wanted to pet it. One user, mndsm79, wrote, “It is a well-known fact amongst my friends that my most likely cause of death is trying to pet it.”

MiloTockandtheHumbug replied to the comment, “I wanted to try to pet it so bad!”

The bobcat has been winning hearts with just a short video — its charm can be felt from the screen. The campers and bobcat had the same thought that day, “What is happening here?” Thankfully, everyone handled the situation well and did not try to approach the wild cat. They safely observed each other, and both camps had an amazing story to tell everyone back home.

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