Connecticut Man Fends Off Bobcat Attack with Crutches

An unusually bold bobcat in Connecticut met the business end of a crutch when it chose the wrong person to mess with in Columbia, a sparsely populated town about 25 miles east of Hartford. The same animal has reportedly “terrorized” other residents in the area in recent days.

Bobcat Attack

A man was bitten in the leg by the animal as it hid beneath his pickup truck on December 23 while he was attempting to leave for work. He began yelling and tried to retreat to the safety of his home without allowing the cat to follow him inside.

Shortly thereafter, his unsuspecting neighbor opened their garage door only to have the same lynx come after him as well. This was the bobcat’s big mistake, as the neighbor, who was using crutches to walk, beat the wild animal with not one but both supports in an attempt to defend himself.

Photo: Pixabay/MargSkogland

According to town administrator Mark Walter, “The wife finally came out and got a piece of plywood and threw it at the cat, which made it leave the garage.” While the attacks did not result in any serious injuries to either victim, the individual who was bitten in the leg did receive a rabies shot as a precaution. Later that same day, someone walking in nearby Mono Pond State Park, a local preserve, reported seeing what they believed to be the very same lynx. No physical contact or interaction was reported by that witness.

Photo: Pixabay/Miller_Eszter

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) agency was notified of both incidents. An animal control officer was notified and searched the area later on. He was unable to find the animal, but many of Columbia’s residents have been keeping an eye out for the big cat ever since. “On Facebook, it’s gone crazy and everyone’s keeping their eyes open,” added Walter.

Even in winter, with food sources not as abundant, this is odd behavior for a lynx. Locals are being asked to use caution when exiting their homes or while using their property until further notice.

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