TV Legend Bob Barker Helps Wild Burros In Southern California

Bob Barker is known as the beloved former host of the game show the Price Is Right, but he is also a lifelong animal advocate. He would end each show by saying, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

While he retired from the popular game show in 2007, he has continued to help animals in need. He has helped animals big and small, including wild burros and rescue donkeys in Southern California.

Bob Barker along with his foundation, DJ & T Foundation, contributed millions of dollars to help purchase land and enhance DonkeyLand Wildlife Sanctuary. It has been a dream that has been years in the making but phase one was just completed. Thanks to Barker’s generosity 500 acres of the 2,000-acre sanctuary is now fenced off for the wild burros.

The all-volunteer organization is thrilled to be working with the 98-year-old TV legend and posted a tribute to him. They rolled out the red carpet and wrote, “Donkeys that had no hope, no future and no second chance at life, right here in Southern California. You have saved so many donkeys and an abundance of wildlife, including millions of small creatures and critters.

“DonkeyLand is a living, lasting tribute and legacy to your generosity, love and compassion for all animals. We are so thankful, grateful and honored that you believe in our cause, a huge bray of thanks for everything.”

Wild burro habitat is being encroached upon by developers and they are being rounded up just like wild horses. DonkeyLand stepped up to make sure they had a safe place to go and shared, “Mr. Bob Barker and Nancy Burnet said they couldn’t stand to sit back and do nothing while burros are in desperate need.”

The honored their “guardian angel” by naming one of the rescued donkeys Bob Barker. DonkeyLand shared the names of all the donkeys that are now roaming free in the new enclosed area. “August Sunshine, Bob Barker, Nancy Burnet, Honey Bear, Noah, Elvis, Platero, Teddy, Bunny, Cookie, Poppy, Timothy, Roxy, Candy, Bambi, Hope, Faith, Lamb, Halo, Angel, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, including the train track herd, have been released on their land.”

The purpose of the sanctuary is not only to care for orphaned and injured burros but to give them a space that they are free to roam and live as nature intended. The tribute concluded with, “Although many donkeys are still in danger, the blessed run wild and free, not because of fear but because they are protected and safe on their land.”

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