Little Rescue Pig Loves Kisses From His Foster Mom

We are all familiar with the little pig that went to market. It is close to the pig that had roast beef or the one that stayed home.

There’s one little pig that isn’t always considered when we look at our toes, but it is just as adorable as the toes on a child’s feet. This little pig is named Blueberry and will surely steal your heart:

Blueberry was only three days old when he was taken from his mother. He was very tiny when people found him, weighing only 2 1/2 pounds, but his personality was larger-than-life.

According to The Dodo, the first thing they did was to give Blueberry some food. He didn’t waste a moment. He dived in and started chowing down.

They then took Blueberry to a farm sanctuary, Tiny Hooves. At that sanctuary, he was given a thorough check-up.

Rescuers discovered that he was doing okay, but his one ear had been bitten off. They refer to it as his “Little Nemo Fin.”

It took Blueberry a little while to adjust to life at the sanctuary. Before long, he was wagging his curly little tail and enjoying all of the TLC he was getting.

Blueberry also got new foster parents, Emily and Kayla of Elly May Farm. The little pig loves the attention they provide and wants kisses and hugs. That is especially true before he goes down for a nap. He will demand the kiss and will even get mad if you stop.

In an interview with The Dodo, one of his foster mothers said that he flops onto his side when you rub his belly. They even say he is more intelligent than their cat and his personality includes a little sass.

Best of all, Blueberry has brought much happiness into their lives. He loves to cuddle and lick his foster moms when he gets the chance. He also is a child, so he has plenty of energy.

They knew that Blueberry would eventually be heading to a new home. That home turned out to be a rescue farm with plenty of other animals, and Blueberry fit right in.

They said he was having a lot of fun with the chickens, and it just felt like the right thing to do. When he gets older, they are hoping to get him a friend, but they know for now, he is doing well with his new family.

Watch Blueberry wanting and even demanding his kisses in the video below:

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