Bloodhound Has The Patience Of A Saint With Her Feisty Chihuahua Brother

Patience is a virtue that an adorable bloodhound named June has – for now.

She has a feisty Chihuahua named Kevin for a brother and she puts up with his barking and antics like a good big sister.

But everyone has their limits.

They have the typical sibling relationship where they get along most of the time. June shares her bed, toys, and even her backyard with the little guy. Kevin has no sense of personal space and always wants to play.

Guess who is in charge…

Kevin is a tenacious pup and does not give up easily. June is the complete opposite and is bossed around by her brother.

Their mom posted a video on TikTok of the two interacting – meaning Kevin was barking at June as she rests quietly – and asked, “How long until June loses her sh** with Kevin?”

The hilarious clip has been viewed over 100K times and hundreds commented on what they just witnessed.

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Many commended June for her behavior and loved how she seemed to be completely unfazed by her brother. “The yawn 🥱. totally unbothered,” wrote one person.

Others added what they thought the dogs were thinking. “June said ‘good thing I have these long ears to block out this ankle biters noise’,” commented another.

Some viewers could relate to June’s situation and said they know just how she feels. While others said Kevin was their “spirit animal”.

No matter which dog you are more drawn to, we all should be more like June.

Check out the viral video below and don’t forget to share!

@mylovekevinclark #dogsofttiktok #chihuahuastiktok #happyboy #drumstick #bloodhound #potatodog #june #kevin #love ♬ original sound – KevinClark

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